OT Assessments

If you are unsure of what adaptations or equipment would best for you we have a fully trained & certified Occupational Therapist who will be more than happy to visit you in your own home, carry out an assessment and advise as to what you require.

The cost of an assessment is just £85.00 and you can reclaim a rising percentage of this if you go ahead and purchase your equipment from us.

  • Spend £50.00 to £99.00 on equipment and services to receive 10% of your assessment fee back.
  • Between £100.00 and £199.00 to receive 20% back
  • Between £200.00 and £299.00 to receive 30% back
  • Between £300.00 and £399.00 to receive 40% back
  • Between £400.00 and £499.00 to receive 50% back
  • And £500.00 and above to receive a full refund.


If you would like to use this service then then just book your appointment with one of our friendly team at our shop or contact us by phone or email.